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Twitter Being Sold to Google Could Lead to Censorship on a Massive Scale

CNBC is reporting that the social media giant Twitter may be bought by Google.com. Below is part of the article from CNBC.com:

Twitter shares surged Friday after sources said the ailing social media company moved closer to being sold.
The sources said the company has received expressions of interest from several technology or media companies and may receive a formal bid shortly.
The potential suitors include Google and Salesforce.com, among other technology companies, sources said.
Google has been caught censoring on numerous occasions this election cycle. They have even met with the Clinton camp, could this sale be part of a more sinister plan? With Google owning YouTube, there has been a role out of mass censorship of Libertarian and patriot users. The following is from www.infowars.com:
In a video posted this week, YouTube announced its “Heroes” program, which turns censorship into a game by allowing users to earn points and ascend to new levels. Once a user reaches the higher levels, they are given the power to report “inappropriate” videos, “mass flag” videos and delete comments.
The video features a cartoon portrayal of someone mass flagging videos for deletion via a dashboard.
The policy is so unpopular that it has received over 415,000 ‘thumbs down’ compared with just over 7,000 ‘thumbs up’. The backlash was so vitriolic that YouTube has disabled the comments on the video.
YouTube is apparently unaware of the fact that although censoring the Internet in countries like North Korea is tolerated, it’s extremely unpopular in the west.
Written by: Paul Joseph Watson
As we have warned of for the past month, mass censorship has arrived. The globalists are in a last ditch effort to control their technocratic world. 
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