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The Commander-in-Chief Forum was a Complete Joke

Last nights Commander-in-Chief Forum was completely scripted. Hillary couldn't go 10 minutes without lying. On top of that she was wearing an earpiece and was probably fed answers. The "moderator" Matt Lauer asked Trump so many more questions (it was obviously completely biased). Between the rigged questions, and Hillary spewing out what her handlers tell her to over the earpiece last nights show was a complete joke. The "moderator" Matt Lauer literally works for the Clinton Initiative. How in the world could this be anymore biased? If you don't believe she was being fed answers please watch this video.  
This disgusting old woman is a traitor to this nation. She should be tried by a jury of her peers and if those on the jury find that she has committed treason she should be sentenced to death. The average American has had it with this old hag and all of her disgusting lies. The average American is also tired of the mainstream media covering up for those lies. Why is this lady still able to run for president? She is a member of the ruling class, she is an elite. 

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