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Tech Companies are Beginning to Use 1984 Style Censorship

Facebook has a long history of censoring material that doesn't line up with its "progressive" ideology. Today this happened to me when I tried to post an article I had written onto an Infowars public group page which I am a member of. When I made a video about this happening and posted it to YouTube I wrote another article explaining what had happened to me in further detail. When I tried sharing both the article and the YouTube video on the exact same public group page. I received the following "excuse" look at the picture below. 

"An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later. If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know." So I clicked the let us know button and it routed me to the following webpage. 
"To help keep Facebook safe, we sometimes block certain content and actions." They are blatantly censoring specific content. Both the article and YouTube video I had tried to post contained no foul language or inappropriate or lewd content. So I filled out the response pointing out this critical fact and asked them to explain why this material was considered unsafe. There has been no response yet (expected that to happen). Furthermore, I clicked to see why I was blocked and it routed me to yet another webpage (see picture below).
At this webpage they said the reason my post had been blocked was due to "policies in place to stop that other people may find annoying or abusive. We've determined that you used a feature in a way that could considered abusive, even if you didn't mean to." I am an active member of this public group and a vast majority of its members share the same concerns and ideas that I do. To further this fact as the first Facebook image pointed out they didn't even tell me I had been blocked all they said was "An error occurred while processing this request." This is the Orwellian censorship that the progressives adore. 

Nonetheless, Facebook is not the only large tech company censoring certain ideologies and political affiliations. Two weeks ago The Truth Movement reported on how Google was covering up issues relating to Hillary Clinton's health. 
Also, the social media giant Twitter has been caught censoring trending topics and certain users. The following as an excerpt from Breitbart's Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Although Twitter’s appeal for many has been the absence of internal algorithms that control what you see and what you don’t see, Dorsey and co. in a recent change added a platform-wide filter that aims to weed out harassment and abuse. Jack, do you find conservative and libertarian thought so radical and fringe that its mere existence is on par with actual harassment and abuse? Do you think a gay conservative with an opinion is too dangerous to be legitimized on social media with your coveted blue check mark?
If Twitter really isn’t interested in ideological censorship, as Dorsey claims, then they should launch an immediate crackdown on employees who are. They should start with Michael Margolis, the man who allegedly asked his bosses at Twitter to unverify me and was pictured with feminist games critic Anita Sarkeesian just a few weeks later, donning his best in Sarkeesian apparel.
Does Twitter believe his political sympathies had nothing to do with his determination to target my account?

Issues like these must be brought to the public's attention. Censorship leads to servitude and ruins platforms that should endorse free thinking. The internet has brought many people to think openly and individually. Unfortunately major corporations do not line up with this concept, instead they insist on having a safe space for a dwindling number of progressives and people who fall into only one ideological way of thinking. If this persists the world we live in may look like 1984 sooner than any of us can imagine. "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" - Thomas Jefferson  1787

I will keep updates with the status of my conversation with Facebook (if they even message me back).    

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