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Reports that Ahmad Khan Rahami Visited Pakistan

dennismichaellynch.com  reports the following:

Earlier today, we reported that Ahmad Khan Rahami traveled to the Pakistan in 2013.  But major media outlets are reporting it was a trip to Afghanistan.  Yes, he went to Afghanistan but he traveled across the border to Pakistan where he was radicalized.  DML’s investigating shows he was in Pakistan with his brother in 2013.     The peanut trail….
Ahmad was born on Jan. 23, 1988, in Afghanistan. He is a naturalized citizen who had been living with his family in Elizabeth, New Jersey. People who know him say that several years ago Khan traveled to his homeland and when he returned to the U.S, he showed signs of radicalization.  Looking at his brother’s Facebook page (Mohammad Khan R.), there is no question the boys are radicals.

The FBI was also investigating whether a second person might have helped him carry out his bombings. Perhaps it’s the brother?

Before identifying how we tracked Ahmad back to being in Pakistan, it’s important to note that Khan’s family had issues with the city of Elizabeth, NJ in the past.  The issues are connected to the operation of their family restaurant, First American Fried Chicken.
The restaurant was opened by Khan’s father 10-years ago, and his only employees were his sons.    Originally, the establishment was open 24-hours a day, but complaints from neighbors forced authorities to take action against the family.  Complaints included disturbances brought on by rowdy crowds that would gather at the establishment after midnight.  The city council passed an ordinance that would force the restaurant to close at 10pm.   However, Khan’s family did not follow the ordinance.

Police eventually approached the family and told them they had to shut down the restaurant.  At that point, Khan’s older brother got in a fight with a police officer and was arrested.  Immediately thereafter the son fled to Afghanistan.
In 2011, Ahmad, his brother Mohammad, and their father sued the town claiming discrimination.  The suit went nowhere.
As you read further, and you see these pictures and posts, you have to ask how the FBI missed another so easy to detect terrorist.
As for DML’s investigation, we start by looking into the social media trail left by Khan’s brother.
Article by: Dennis Michael Lynch

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