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Name of the ISIS Terrorist in Minnesota Revealed

UPDATE: Dahir Adan’s father, Ahmed Adan, says that police identified his son as the slain attacker.

Ahmed Adan told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis that police told him Saturday night that his son, Dahir A. Adan, died at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud.
He says police didn’t mention the attack on the mall, but they seized photos and other materials from the family’s apartment.
Authorities haven’t publicly identified the attacker.
The original story begins below:
The Saint Cloud Times is reporting Dahir Adan, a member of the local Somali Community, was the man who attacked nine people at a local mall Saturday while shouting about “Allah.”
A short time earlier, St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan.
Leaders of the Somali-American community in St. Cloud gathered Sunday with his family and issued a statement of sympathy for the family and the nine victims of the attack.
Community leader Abdul Kulane said as far as the family and community know, the suspect did not have any history of violence. He was known as a smart, accomplished student at Apollo High School. He was a junior at St. Cloud State University, Kulane said. Adan was also working part-time as a private security officer, leaders said.
At a press conference on Sunday, St. Cloud, Minnesota city officials refused to release the identity of the man who attacked nine people with a knife in a local mall Saturday night while shouting “Allah.” The attacker was killed by an off-duty police officer from a nearby city who happened to be in the mall at the time.
Mayor Dave Kleis of St. Cloud said that three of the victims were hospitalized, while six had not been hospitalized.
Police Chief William Blair Anderson said that police had executed search warrants at two apartments in St. Cloud and had secured the suspect’s vehicle, which was found in the mall parking lot.
Anderson also said the SCPD  had had three “contacts” with the suspect, all of which were minor. At least one was a traffic incident.
Anderson added that he did not know how long the suspect had been living in the St. Cloud community.
The FBI Special-Agent-in-Charge from Minneapolis said the FBI and the Joint-Terrorism Task Force were investigating the attack as a “potential” terrorism incident and was seeking the suspect’s immigration records.
Mayor Kleis said the situation was “fluid.”
On Sunday, ISIS released a statement calling the attacker a “soldier of the Islamic state.”
According to the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migrantsinteractive reporting website, 1,061 Somali refugees have been resettled in St. Cloud in the six years since 2011, a pace that has accelerated over the past three years.

Sixty-one Somali refugees arrived in the Minnesota city  located seventy miles from Minneapolis in FY 2011,  and more than 200 per year have arrived in the four fiscal years since 2013.
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