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Populism vs. The Establishment

With everything going on in this country there has never been a greater divide between populism and the establishment. It is now more clear than ever that Hillary Clinton is a globalist run establishment candidate who only cares about herself and her wealthy donors. Donald Trump on the other hand is considered to be the "populist" candidate, his policies will benefit the average American. At this point it seems every populist has stated they want anyone but Hillary Clinton. These people include Nigel Farage, Jeff Sessions, and Michael Flyn. To add to this list Marine Le Pen said she wants "anyone but Hillary Clinton", Le Pen said in a CNN interview Wednesday. “Because I think Hillary Clinton means war. Hillary Clinton is devastation. It means world instability.” 

This assessment given by Le Pen is dead on accurate, Hillary Clinton benefits from more pointless war and endless debt. We the people must say no to this, we cannot afford another 4-8 years of failed policies and endless debt. The average American will suffer while the Elite line their pockets with our hard earned tax dollars.  

To all of my American readers I wish you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Never forget this is the most important election in U.S. history.

-Staff of The Truth Movement
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