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National Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Donald Trump

The National Fraternal Order of Police has fully decided to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America. The National FOP is the worlds largest organization of sworn police officers having a staggering 330,000 members and over 2200 lodges. The police have taken hit after hit from the liberal dominated mainstream media. When in reality, the police are the only thing standing in-between social order and social chaos. A vast majority of police officers only want to protect and serve their communities and put their lives on the line everyday to do so. Below is the letter from the National FOP stating how they will fully endorse Donald J. Trump for POTUS. 
In this letter it states the following, "We have a candidate who decline to seek an endorsement and a candidate without any record as an elected official. Mr. Trump, however, has seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today. He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again."

Hillary Clinton does not stand with the men and women in blue, in fact she stands with the thugs and criminals who openly call for police to die. The thin blue line is all that stands in the way of our communities being overrun with violence and chaos. 

Despite attempts by the globalists to federalize the police force and forcing them to submit to the U.N. strong cities initiative, many local police officers have resisted these attempts. Organizations such as Oath Keepers have sworn to uphold their vowels to protect the United States of America from enemies both foreign and domestic.   

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