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Media Cuts To Commercial When a Trump Spokeswoman Attacks Hillary Clinton

When will the public wake up and realize that the entire establishment is backing globalist Hillary Clinton? The public are like sheep they blindly follow beta males, and asexual women who pretend to be intellectual. 

Now for a personal story, last night I was having a cookout with my family enjoying a nice Sunday dinner. When my Grandmother mentioned that Trump was "stupid", I of course had to press this issue further, and what happened was not shocking. All my Grandmother could say was that he was a bigot and stupid, she couldn't bring up a single one of his policies. She just mentioned how more experienced Hillary Clinton was over and over and over. When I brought up the fact that Hillary Clinton's policies led to the entire destabilization of the Middle East she assumed it was a "conspiracy theory". However, this is far from a conspiracy theory it is fact, a plain and simple fact. I mentioned how Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and how she had praised his work. After, that she realized she wasn't going to win the argument and sat there in complete silence.

Enough is enough my Grandmother is part of the problem, these mindless idiots get there disinformation from mainstream media. Like Trump says "we have a very dishonest media". Don't take this story the wrong way I will always love my Grandmother but she is seriously a "low information voter" people like her will destroy this country.    

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