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Hillary Clinton's Campaign is Collapsing

Hillary Clinton's campaign is collapsing around her, some new scandal appears to coming to light every day. Now new emails that were leaked contain Colin Powell calling her "greedy" and alludes to the fact that Bill Clinton is "still dicking bimbos" while Hillary is not at their house. The actual email is below.

With everything that has occurred in the last week including her 47% moment of calling half of Trump supporters "deplorable" and her collapsing at the 9/11 memorial, it is no wonder that her campaign is in absolute free fall. Are we seeing the end of Hillary Clinton? Could the 100,000 emails Wikileaks is supposed to leak destroy her once and for all? What does this mean for the Democrat party? Could they replace her with either Kaine, Michelle Obama (rumors have been surfacing) or even Vice President Joe Biden? Only time will tell, all we can see is that Trump's polling numbers are skyrocketing in the face of all these scandals. 

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