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Could the DNC Replace Hillary Clinton?

According to allenbwest.com and thegatewaypundit.com an operative inside the DNC has claimed that an emergency meeting will take place to discuss whether or not the DNC should replace Hillary Clinton as the DNC nominee. The following is taken from allenbwest.com.

As The Gateway Pundit reports:
Reporter David Shuster posted to Twitter Sunday evening that operatives in the Democratic Party have told him an emergency meeting by the Democratic National Committee is being considered to replace presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the heels of her case of pneumonia allegedly causing her to collapse Sunday morning at the 9/11 15th anniversary commemoration at Ground Zero in New York City.
Now, to be clear, this is one unidentified source. One who, nonetheless, raises a point we’ve all had to wonder about — including the Democrats themselves. 
But even if this proves to be true — that the DNC is considering a replacement — it is unclear whether that even matters, if the decision is ultimately up to the candidate herself.
Honestly, at this point, as deplorable a candidate as Hillary Clinton is for president — and as disastrous as a Hillary presidency would be — we should all hope she stays in the race. Her cracks are only widening, and even typically loyal groups are starting to wake up — including the media.
We say, bring on the debates!
[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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