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Black Lives Matter Inspires Terrorism in Philadelphia

The Suspect of the Philadelphia rampage has been identified as 25 year old Nicholas Glenn (image below). He mentioned heavy anti-police rhetoric in a note specifically calling out his parole officer.  
The following is from an article on the website Breitbart.com:

During Glenn’s attempt to flee after shooting the sergeant, he shot a security guard, a bar patron, and two people inside a vehicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
Glenn shot and wounded the security guard before he used a bar patron as a shield and later shot her in the leg, Ross said.
The bystanders in the car, a man and a woman, were both hospitalized before the woman in her 20s was pronounced dead, The Inquirer reported.  The man remains in critical condition.
Ed Miller, who is the 56-year-old police officer with The University of Pennsylvania, confronted the shooter along with two Philadelphia police officers in an alley and killed the suspect upon firing, according to The Inquirer.  Miller was wounded in action.
Ross said a note containing anti-police rhetoric naming a parole officer as a target was found near the scene, The Daily Mail reported.
This recent incident is just more proof that Black Lives Matter has sparked a nationwide war on police. The George Soros funded movement has led civil unrest in many American cities. These people have no idea why they are protesting, when confronted with DOJ statistics there argument crumbles. Just listen to this rhetoric coming from one of the numerous "protests" which calls for the death of cops.
Black Lives Matter has gone from a protesting group to a terror organization. Openly inciting violence against police is completely wrong and when someone acts on those statements it is completely illegal. 

All of this coming on the heels of the awful Dallas shooting which left numerous officers dead. Again this suspect openly targeted cops. When will this stop, when will the black community realize they are just being used as pawns for the globalists and George Soros? 
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