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James Clad Endorses Hillary Clinton

Yet another globalist RINO has joined the Clinton campaign. The Hill reported on August 31st that James Clad former deputy assistant secretary of Defense under George W. Bush Jr. has formally announced support for Hillary Clinton. In a statement Clad said the following, "For Republicans and Democrats alike, everything in national security requires clarity and steadiness, whether managing nuclear weapons or balancing great power rivalries."
Clad talked about the importance of never losing sight of national interest. He said that is a "discipline which Secretary Clinton possesses in full measure."
"Our adversaries must never hear flippancy or ignorance in America’s voice," he added.
"They should never take satisfaction from an incompetent president. Giving an incoherent amateur the keys to the White House this November will doom us to second or third class status."
Clad tied in his own experiences, saying he has seen what can happen when "American reliability falters."
"It’s not pretty, for us or for the world," he said.
"There is no choice: In razor sharp contrast to her opponent, Secretary Clinton is ready, steady and prepared. With a proven preference for bipartisanship, she must win this election.”
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At this point someone has to be joking to say Hillary Clinton Possess "clarity and steadiness" when it comes to national security. It has been clearly proven time and time again Hillary Clinton does not have an ounce of either of those things, in fact she has the exact opposite. During the night of the Benghazi attacks Hillary's State Department was concerned with whether our Marines should wear uniforms or civilian cloths so they wouldn't offend anyone. This led to the deaths of four Americans who waited 13 hours to be rescued. This situation proves Hillary Clinton has anything but "clarity and steadiness". This is just further proof that the Republican establishment is in bed with the globalist controlled Democrats. We the people have had enough of Washington trying to dictate how we run our lives and how we should handle global affairs. The clock is ticking to the most important election in U.S. history, its time to decide which side of history you will stand on.
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