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5 Reasons to Not Vote for Hillary Clinton

There are so many reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton but here are just five straight forward facts. 

#1.) Whitewater Scandal (1978-1994): This scandal is considered to be a fraudulent land deal. Hillary and Jim McDougal are considered to be the brains of this operation. Jim McDougal who was the key witness later mysteriously died in prison. This all occurred while Hillary Clinton was a partner at the Rose Law Firm, this is the same firm Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster were associated with. Both of these men moved to DC during the years the Clintons occupied the White House. They both served on the House Counsel's hired for their "legal expertise". Hubbell was later indicted for tax fraud and we all know the story of Vince Foster and his "suicide" (P.S. not really a suicide). 

#2.) Benghazi, Libya September 11th 2012: Anyone who turned on the news in the last 4 years knows about this one. At minimum the State Department gave a stand down order. At its worse (and probably what happened) Hillary offed Ambassador Stevens because he had knowledge of the illegal weapons sells to Islamic extremists, these weapons eventually ended up in the hands of the Islamic State. On top of this she lied and said a video was the cause of this whole thing when that obviously wasn't the case, but hey "what difference does it make?"

#3.) Email Server scandal: This is best summed up by a short video, its pretty much self explanatory. 

#4.) Travelgate 1993-2000): To feather the nest of her friends, Harry and Susan Thomases, both Hollywood "beautiful people," Hillary had the head of the White House Travel Office, Billy Dale, fired on trumped-up charges of tax irregularities and then put Thomases in charge to personally reap the profits of this government travel business.

#5.) Saudi Government Funding: Hillary Clinton takes about 20% of her campaign donations from the Royal Saudi Family. Yet she is the "champion" of the LGBTQ community and in Saudi Arabia gays and lesbians are persecuted in the name of Islam. In reality she only wants to deepen her own pockets she doesn't care for anyone in any community unless you are of course a globalist donor to her campaign and/or The Clinton Foundation. 

This by no means is a comprehensive list of all her crimes and scandals there are many more including the Clinton Body Count, Chinagate, Filegate, Clinton Foundation pay to play and her favors as Sec. of State to those who donated to her "charity". This article is meant to break the ice of the mainstream media and show that everything Hillary does is not good in fact one could argue everything she does is to benefit herself or her cronies. Check out Breitbart's movie Clinton Cash it is incredibly powerful and shows just how deep her corruption reaches. 


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