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Red Dawn In America

They are disloyal to their country they have been paid for and bought by foreign interest groups. Once you realize that you are a constitutionalist, you are immediately targeted by cronie scum Federal Law Enforcement. I stockpile ammo I stockpile weapons, come and take them. Our country is being taken over and the sooner YOU realize that the sooner you can help stop it. Do you want your kids in "re-education" camps (google army.mil re-education camps if you dont believe me) do you want your firearms stripped from you? Do you want to wake up to the FBI dragging your neighbor's family out of their house and putting black bags over their heads? There are criminal elements that have penetrated all  aspects of our government. It is so evident now that any officer or agent who does not adhere to the constitution is considered a traitor to this nation in my opinion. The officers in this video are tyrannical henchmen paid with U.S. tax payer money. We must bring these people down before things get violent. If you are one of my readers I urge you only to use violence defend your self and/or your loved ones. We must literally win the information war, we must pump out enough content to defeat these globalists because we outnumber them 100 to 1. We are the people, we have a voice, we are the silent majority.
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