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News Anchor Ousts George Soros

This man is a hero, our country is dying. We have been conquered by Foreign Special Interests we have a Nazi collaborator controlling how we run our borders. Enough is enough we must stop these pieces of scum. We are the American people if you can not take this evidence to heart than you yourself are Nazi loving scum. All those voting for Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich are themselves Nazi loving scum. Here is the Mayor of Fargo's Phone number please call them up and tell them how much you disagree with our open borders policy. They want to bring these illegals in to further divide our country and make it easier to control....Divide and conquer much? Study history you will find this tactic used by The British Empire in India and it worked..... We here at the Truth Movement will die before we see our country go to the Nazi dogs.

Fargo Mayor Phone Number- (701) 241-1310
Fargo Mayor Email- tmahoney@cityoffargo.com

Tell him that he has betrayed his country and that he is only serving his pockets NO VIOLENCE PLEASE WE MUST WIN THE INFORMATION WAR.

- Staff of The Truth Movement
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