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ISIS in Bosnia?

Now quoting a former National Security Agency (NSA, U.S.A.) officer and expert on the region, the Spiegel article has cast Bosnia as a “sanctuary” for Islamic State fighters and leaders. John Schindler told the magazine that Bosnia is now “considered something of a ‘safehouse’ for radicals”.
The existence of whole areas of the country where Western norms have failed to prevail but are instead run as outposts of the Islamic State have received attention from the European Union and world media, but are officially denied by the Bosnian government.
Breitbart London reported on one such village after its discovery in 2015, a Bosnian settlement where extreme Wahabbist Muslims had been buying up land and training fighters for the Islamic State. A man from the village attacked the American embassy in Sarajevo in 2011 with a machine gun.
A local said of the isolated houses located in dense woodland: “We regularly hear gunshots coming from the woods up there for long periods at a time. It happens every week.
“I don’t know what they are doing, whether it is target practice or something like that, but it happens regularly”...............(Read More)

Oliver JJ. Lane 
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