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Are We Seeing The Fall of America?

Is this the fall of our Republic? The economy is collapsing, rumors are spreading that China will move to back their currency using the gold standard instead of worthless paper money. It is evident something is up when the President Obama is meeting with the head of The Federal Reserve Janet Yellen.

 My guess is that before Obama's term is up, we will have an economic crisis the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. Could this be a "trigger" for martial law to be activated? Imagine what will happen when there is no food, no EBT cards, the masses will protest and riot and whole communities will beg the Federal Government to come in with the military and establish peace.

This will be by design, the election is a distraction from the real things occurring within our government. It is time to stock up food, water, and ammunition, have a safe place to go with your family if this all goes down I suggest rural areas in the mountains.

The last place you want to bring your family is any of the camps listed above. I live in FEMA camp region IV formally known as the state of Georgia. This is no joke the government is not your friend and it is not there to help you please remember this fact. As always be safe!

-Staff of The Truth Movement
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