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White Male Privilege Makes Me Laugh

When confronting a sheepish liberal if you do not agree with them they will tell you to check your white male privilege and call you a homophobic racist. They expect the white race to share collective guilt for the slave trade which ended in western civilizations over a century and a half ago. What they do not realize is that whites fought and died to bring minorities out of slavery, and Africans themselves sold whites the "slaves". Another massive hypocritical statement the left makes is that every Muslim is a peaceful loving person, when in reality the islamic slave trade pre-dating the atlantic slave trade enslaved 28 million Africans. Instead of treating the slaves with some decency they castrated them and killed their children if they were pregnant. Not to mention only 11 million african slaves actually crossed the atlantic into the "new world" so in fact the Islamic slave trade was almost triple that of "whites". Do you see any africans today in the middle east? No because the Islamic slave trade used the slaves till they died and cut off their reproductive organs to not let them populate(castration). Yet the left doesn't even mention this statistic, they want all white people to feel collective guilt for something that happened decades upon decades ago. They want to line you up with their social agenda and if you dont agree with it you are dubbed a "bigot". They are the bigots they are to stupid to even research history and find out facts which make their arguments completely invalid. This is when their liberal defense mode is activated and they are turned into a delicate flower in which needs to be surrounded by safe zones where trigger words cant upset their delicate minds. This generation is doomed, we would have lost World War Two if the males of today where fighting. I bet the infantrymen on Omaha Beach wanted a safe zone as well, to protect them from the massive chunks of supersonic led tearing their friends to pieces. Instead they triumphed and did what men are supposed to do, fight and win. Todays men are to concerned with whether or not they want to identify with being a female, its disgusting and sick.
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