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What is the Three Percent?

The Revolutionary War which brought the United States its massive amounts of civil liberties and the freedom and fairness of our Constitution. During the war, only three percent of the actual population of the 13 colonies actual fought the British in combat. Only three percent of the American Spirit was required to defeat the largest and strongest military the colonial world had ever seen. The three percent today has been demonized by the mainstream media, like everything else as fat rednecks shooting m-4's in the woods. We are not that, we are so far from that with a population massing at 320  million today's "three percent" is ranging from 8.4 - 9.6 million individuals whom are ready to lay down their lives to defend from both enemies foreign and domestic. The three percent is normally associated with militaristic militia groups who are composed of federal agent insiders provoking these individuals to run around in the woods and shoot "bad guys". The real three percent is comprised of many active and retired members of our armed forces as well as many Oathkeepers through-out our local police forces. Those are the three percent which have the training to protect our way of life, however these brave men and women are not all that the three percent is comprised of. The vast majority of the three percent is civilians like myself who do not take for granted what our ancestors have died for. I feel it is important to stress that the three percent will and should not be "activated" for any other purpose than in the absolute most dire of times. This is when the lines of battle become very grey into who is enemy and who is friend. The three percent will always protect and defend the Constitution, we are watching and we are everywhere.

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