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We've Been Conquered

A New World Order, The Bilderberg Group, One World Government, The Illuminati,  The Bohemian Grove, whatever you want to call the people who really control us all. These people truly exist, it is not a conspiracy theory. Why is it when someone questions the narrative of the government they are immediately dubbed a "conspiracy theorist"? This country was founded on "conspiracy theories", we questioned the narrative of the British. Why must we take the mainline narrative hook line and sinker? Every structure of power has their sights aimed on one man, Donald J. Trump. From mainstream media to establishment politicians they are all focusing on stopping the Trump, why is this? Trump cannot be bought, he cannot be intimidated, he cannot be blackmailed,  the idea of a rouge billionaire crushing everything these groups have worked for is tearing the establishment apart. Trump is the only candidate to not be bought off by foreign interests. If you think there is a difference between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton well..... you are misinformed they are both funded and endorsed by the same people. This years elections come down to one sentence, Trump VS. Goldman Sachs. Today is super Tuesday GET OUT AND VOTE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN!    
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