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Violent Anti-Trump Protests

Look at this photoage of crazed "non-violent" liberals beating police and tearing down tents. This is not within your first amendment rights you do not have the freedom to hit police and tear down private property. Here is another crazed leftist actually running over a Trump sign and posting it on the internet.....
Note that this individual was arrested by police for hit and run, reckless driving and failing to maintain lane control. I find this quite funny actually just because this guy is a spoiled brat who found out he cant break the law just because he doesn't like someones ideas. I hope this individual is prosecuted to the absolute full extent of the law. Keep on protesting you leemings, you are falling right into play with Hillary and her plan to become absolute Queen of this nation. Most of these violent protests are started off by some Hillary paid "activist". This is in order throw the left in-to chaos leaving the "moderate" choice of Hillary and not those crazy communist Bernie supporters. Now I am very aware that Trump is not 100% perfect, but he is awake to the New World Order and is a hell of alot better choice than Hillary.
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