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U.S. Funding Radical Islamic Terror Through Fast and Furious Scandal

Speaking to radio host Alex Jones Tuesday, Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck, working on behalf of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family, revealed the botched operation transferred more weapons than initially suspected into the hands of Mexican cartels and possibly abroad. “Not only is it guns and rifles, but also grenades, grenade launchers, military grade night vision goggles, black special forces tactical uniforms,” Smith-Meck stated, adding that the number of military items relinquished is “more in the magnitude of 4,700.”.....Read More(infowars.com)
This man was murdered for what he found, if you think all of this is just one big conspiracy think again, evidence is mounting showing that weapons were flown out of Mexico to Morocco and on to other Middle Eastern countries. Brian Terry was a patriot and a hero and we will never forget his death. I am sick of these power hungry bastards they have killed yet again another brave American who found out a little to much about the shadow government controlling our Country. The person releasing this information is not some schmuck on the street it is a Lt. Col. and he also ran Guantanamo Bay, what else has to come out before the public becomes aware of the deep #$%^ we are in? 
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