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The New Wild West

The old Wild West was known for its lawlessness and its lack of regulations. It represented true American freedom, the idea that you won't quit until the job at hand is finished. This of course went away with the modernization of western civilizations. However the new "Wild West" would be considered the World Wide Web or the Internet. The government has tried so many times to regulate the content we are able to access on the internet, why? Bills like SOPA which had thankfully not passed, restrict our freedom of speech. Places like China the government sensors what its citizens access on the web. We are not China, we have a constitution in of which itself was made to not change with the creation of new technology. Thomas Jefferson himself was an inventor and knew that as time changes so does technology, but those technologies should not impact our constitutional freedoms. The internet is a platform for citizens to express their views and should not be censored in any way shape or form. Don't be fooled by another false flag attack claiming that encryption was the key to stopping the attack. Encryption keeps the NSA from spying on every single one of your personal messages. Just like gun-control the government is using a false narrative in order to pass regulations on the one place they have no control over, the Internet. When terrorists attack why does it seem every time our government tries to restrict our personal liberties more and more? We must defend our God given liberties no one man should regulate another mans words, yes you can debate said words but to regulate our freedom of speech is totalitarian. I encourage my viewers to keep up to date with internet restriction laws and write letters to your state representatives on how these laws violate our constitutional liberties.
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