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Levoy Finnicum was Murdered

Levoy Finnicum was one of the Oregon Protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Center. He was ambushed and murdered by FBI and local police forces. Clearly he had his hands up and the officers unloaded a mag into him and into the car. Warning this video is extremely disturbing no matter what your view on Levoy, his family had just witnessed their loved one being shot to death. No one deserves that, especially not Levoy Finnicum's family. The paid assassins in this video are scum who shot an innocent man and tried to off his family by slinging rounds into the back of the truck. The government has crossed the line yet again, it seems like this one may actually lead somewhere. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is full of psychopathic federal agents who steal land from hard working American ranchers. UN Agenda 21 surprisingly looks really familiar to what the BLM has taken. Look at the charts below yourself and tell me we are not being herded into "livable" zones meanwhile the government creates no-go zones across our country taking complete tyrannical control. Wake up this is not a joke research UN agenda 21 and you will be horrified.
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