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ISIS In Belgium

First off I hope all of my readers have sent your thoughts and prays to the families of yesterdays horrendous attacks. If it wasn't for the EU's outrageous immigration stance I guarantee this attack would have never occurred. People dont know the difference between race and culture, they dont understand that through out history a "multicultural" society has never been present. By biological definition race is a population with in a species that is distinct in someway, this has nothing to do with the definition of culture which is the customs, arts, social institutions and achievements of a particular group of people. You can have every conceivable race in a society as long as they share a common culture. However you can not put two cultures together for long periods of time and not expect some form of hostile action to take place. Prove me wrong, tell me one time that two cultures have been together but not be linked by some form of like minded goals. This is not a micro view of your friend from Germany moved here and is doing awesome this from  a macro viewpoint that integrates all of society as a whole. Humans will always have a tribalistic mindset where they must form groups in order to survive. Until this view has come to surpass multi culturalism is just not possible from a macro view of the world. By bringing in millions of undocumented Muslim refugees, Europe has forced its own collective suicide. Of course not all muslims are bad but take the Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam, he evaded capture in the capitol of Belgium for four months with the help of "non-violent" Muslims who were sympathetic to his cause. That is disgusting that man is a monster and those who helped him should be monsters as well. Islam is not a religion of peace when a growing minority of Jihadi culture is now becoming the majority of all Muslims.
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