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Europe In Chaos

The EU is on police state lock down after Tuesdays horrific suicide bombings. This comes after learning multiple agencies warned Belgian intelligence that these attacks were imminent and one of the attackers was even deported from Turkey and was a “known militant”. The next question that comes into mind is, were these attacks a type of false flag event? To my findings (links below) these attacks were in fact a type of false flag in the sense that the Belgian authorities let it happen. They knew about these terrorists and they even knew the locations of the attacks! They let them attack to further their agenda of ushering Europe into a complete police state. These migrants are brought in by the millions they are almost completely unvetted and are not expected to assimilate into their hosts culture. They sit in these ghettos and spew hate for those who have provided them shelter. Imams across the world have called for Sharia law to be put in place so to not “offend” these migrants. Meanwhile Europe’s rape epidemic has been spiking increasing in some areas by up to 1472% in rape cases alone. Not to mention the hundreds of cases were migrants have sexually assaulted young boys. Public swimming pools have been shut down because migrants openly poop in the pool and they think nothing is wrong. Europe is being destroyed from the inside because of this Muslim refugee crisis. But going back to the attack on March 22nd 2016, I find it odd that this date was picked considering the globalist ties with 322 Skull and Bones Fraternity. I feel this was planned in advance to further a globalist totalitarian agenda, Europe is the beta test for America. With hundreds of people flown in everyday and no ID’s checked (link below) it’s hard not to assume a shadow Jihadi shadow army is gathering in America. Our borders are wide open we are living in a false sense of security. 
MIgrants Attack Reporter
Sign Showing how to not to poop in showers

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