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Don't be Fooled

With Trumps success in last nights primaries the establishment is head over heals to pick up any delegates they can. Trump won GA, AL, TN, VA, VT, MA, and AK he also picked up delegates in TX, OK, and MN leading to a staggering 319 delegates received so far this primary season. Most people do not understand how the RNC (Republican National Convention) actually works. Not every delegate is “bound legally” to support their population's vote. The three head GOP members from each state have the choice to vote for whomever they wish. This means Trump needs to win by a LANDSLIDE in order to make up for the 150 delegates he could potentially lose. If establishment hero Mitt Romney enters the race it could spell disaster for Trump, Romney doesn't necessarily have to "win", he just has to steal as many delegates as he can from the Trump campaign. Remember to win you need 50% plus 1 of the delegates in order to win the RNC, if by chance the delegates vote in and no one has reached that mark, than they do a re-vote except this time each delegate can have an "open vote" meaning they can vote for whomever they want. This is how the establishment plans on stealing Trumps momentum, once they can order the re-vote they can put whoever they want as the Republican Nominee. Going back to Romney himself, he lost one of the easiest elections ever against Obama in 2012. This was probably on purpose since both the parties are really just one big thieving gang. Trump is the ONLY candidate to put a stop to the three legs of globalism which would be considered, the Federal Reserve, a 9/11 Cover-up, and the opening and relaxed enforcement of our borders. I urge my readers to once again do their own research into these three topics and ask yourself the following questions. Why does it seem all throughout the last century our Government has lied to us at every turn? Why was the Fed established in 1913 during one of the worst blizzards Washington DC has ever seen? Why is the Fed so blunt when it says it is not a government entity and cannot be audited? Why are un-elected officials controlling the coinage and value of our Petrodollar? Why is their so much evidence pointing to 9/11 being pre-planned? Why was Bin-Laden's family all 153 of them flown out of the United States a day after the attacks? Why did George Bush's brother resign from being head of the World Trade Center's Security Detail one day before the attack? Why do so many politicians go to the Bohemian Grove and do moch child sacrifices to the god of evil Moloch?( Look up Bohemian Grove ritual Alex Jones if you dont believe me) Why is pediatric cancer up 10,000%? Why do we have chemicals in our water? Why are our bodies being slammed with GMO products which literally change our DNA? Why do 6 corporations control 90% of what you see everyday? Why does it seem like we are sheep in a game filled with wolves? In life you have sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves, sheep are led to slaughter, sheepdogs protect the sheep and wolves hunt the sheep. America has turned into a nation of sheep where only a few sheepdogs are left to protect the herd. Wolves are at our gates and no matter how nice and "kind" they look just remember they will hunt you and they will kill you. Its time for the Sheepdogs to come out and protect those who do not see their own demise. I encourage everyone of my readers to be a sheepdog, VOTE FOR TRUMP and buy a firearm to protect your loved ones, but beyond all else remember when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty.
III% is all it took to beat the Crown

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