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ISIS Targets Nuclear Power Plants

Last weeks attack on Belgium could have been so much worse, reports are leaking in that the terrorists were watching a Nuclear Power Plant's manager. People dont understand that our infrastructure is so weak that it could take one terror attack to cause a Chernobyl type event. It seems like a growing possibility that ISIS is trying to take out a nuclear power plant somewhere within Europe. With Belgium's government arresting and hosing anti-migrant protesters it seems quite obvious that these EU governments are protecting the foreign invaders instead of their own citizens. As the far right grows more and more each day it is only a matter of time before the peoples of Europe come together and get rid of the murderous politicians that let these attacks happen by allowing millions of unvetted Muslim migrants into their borders. Angela Merkel Germany's Chancellor has destroyed Europe by pushing an "open borders" policy, yet this is all according to plan for them to bring in their technocracy and control it with a very strict police state. Do not take my word for it however, do your own research what you will find is shocking (links below).

Lets not make Europe look like this

Nuclear Power Plant gets targeted (TIME magazine)

EU migrant crisis could lead to civil unrest (infowars.com)

Migrant Crisis is unsustainable ( The Telegraph UK)
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