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Without the Second Amendment there can be No First Amendment

As a proud gun-owner myself I feel its important to urge others to arm themselves and learn to use a firearm safely and properly. The Second Amendment was put in place to ensure that the rights and freedoms of the Constitution had a way to be protected by the people who abide by said Constitution. "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." - Thomas Jefferson... So quite literally the Founding Fathers meant it in the context as stated above. It really just goes to show that through this " liberalism" and left wing ideology the United States is absolutely facing the greatest enemy She has ever seen. If we lose the Second Amendment there will be no protecting the rest of the bill of rights. Would you like to be arrested for your words? How about a never ending set of court dates where the government can try you again and again because they did not get the "outcome" they want in court? How would you like a "government issued electronic ID card" that you have to have with you in order to cross state lines through a "security" checkpoint? I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE, peace and dialogue would solve much of the worlds issues but when attacked I will always advocate self defense. Is it possible to love your country but hate the foreign interest groups who use our so called "government" as a puppet for their global and corporate agendas?

- Staff Member at The Truth Movement
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