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Wake Up America

The world is a dangerous place not because of evil but because of those who look on and do nothing. Today's society has an obsession of "letting someone else deal with-it". This mentality has led many to be under the totalitarian left's welfare state. This 1984 Orwellian goal  has never been more clear, the youth of this country are being brought up as slaves to the government. In this system your children have two options, live in welfare ghettos where every facet of their lives are controlled by the government or be just smart enough to push papers for said government. The government wants to strip away the idea of a "family", and replace it with the idea that YOUR children belong to the community. They do not, they belong to you and your family, if someone tries to tell you otherwise I would consider that a viable cause for self-defence. The people pushing this agenda are doing so in a "trendy and progressive" way, in other words they are brainwashing your children but hey they are Liberal and trendy so it's ok! Wrong, these people are quite frankly "of the devil" not so much in a sense of spirituality but in ideology. They want an easily controllable population, meanwhile they live in mansions and are tax and law exempt. Now if you are from the suburbs and have this idea that you will not be affected by this, o boy are you wrong. The people that go to your golf clubs and are "well off" financially are pieces of scum to the "ruling class". If you think a salary of even a million a year is "well off", you are so wrong. 60 families control 53% of the world's wealth, forget the 1% these are the 0.0000001%. The ruling class is a small group and YOU ARE NOT invited. This is happening, its not a "conspiracy" theory, if you dont believe me go look for yourself. Its time to WAKE UP AMERICA your forefathers bleed on 5 continents for everything you take for granted. Stop, and for once get out of the "hussel and bussel" of your everyday life and look where we are at. Our country is close to annihilation, meanwhile the average American is more concerned with watching the Super Bowl. We have let the government be unaccountable for every action it makes. Since when is this a good business model? If they mess up they should be fired or prosecuted like any other job. The answer to 1984 is 1776.
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