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Trump America's Only Hope

Donald Trump has shaken the foundation of the establishment GOP. Trump should have the vote of every American who distrusts our current government. From 9/11 to Benghazi Trump has called out those who so blatantly lie to our faces everyday. This personification of Trump as a Nazi fascist is just completely incorrect, Trump is the ONLY candidate who will keep American soldiers from dying overseas, The establishment at its core is deeply disturbed from this fact, because at the center of the establishments money pool is the military industrial complex. Cycles of war have been manufactured by the establishment throughout the decades. From The Gulf of Token and the invasion of Vietnam, to the jungles of South America and the fake "war on drugs" and rounding it off  September 11th 2001 and the ensuing invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq, these "acts" have left America in a constant cycle of global conflict. Any investigators first question in any case is, who benefits from this action? Who benefits from all of these cycles of conflict? The soldiers who give it their all and fight not for their country but for the brother on the left and the brother on the right? Or the family who never gets to see a son or daughter again because they were killed in the line of duty? No, none of these people benefit from this cycle, the only people who benefit are the mega corporations who keep the American war machine well oiled and prepped with technology, commodities, ammunition, weapons and equipment. These corporations of course are paid handsomely through federal contracts with tax payer money. We arent talking millions of dollars here or even billions we are talking trillions. Now of course any sensible person who understands humanity, knows war has always been with us, and yes war is crucial for our continued survival because their really are people out there who want to kill us. Ask yourself this however, what if the security of our nation was not at risk? What if that "risk" had been manufactured by those who it directly benefits? Trump understands this concept at its very core. The establishment is attacking Trump daily because of this and trying every dirty trick in the book. Each time they attack him he only grows stronger because we know he is self-funded and has no "special interest" groups pumping money into his campaign hand over fist. Unlike Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton, Trump is not cut from the "establishment" cloth. It is truly time for America to be great again, because right now the world looks at us and laughs.
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