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The Regressive Left

“French President Francois Hollande warned Friday that an EU member state could be sanctioned if the extreme-right came to power there — and could even be suspended from the bloc,” AFP reports. The "Left" is becoming more and more fascist every day, if you do not agree with their Ideology they simply scream at you and call you a racist bigot. Now President Hollande is warning of sanctions against "extreme" right wing governments. This coming from the same man that completely diminished  France's borders and let ISIS jihadists paint the streets of Paris in blood. On top of that France is STILL in a "state of emergency" leading to massive protests across the country. This coming after the French right wing front runner Marine Le Pen was jailed for "racist" remarks against Muslims. If the totalitarian left does not like your ideas, well they just simply throw you in jail. The left says its "progressive and trendy" but in reality its regressive and oppressive, political correctness and this new age social justice "tattle-tales" are doing nothing but hindering true dialogue. Ex-Muslims Like Aayan Hirsi Ali are attacked daily being dubbed Islamophobic, when in reality Aayan Hirsi Ali and many like her are trying to spread the absolute horror stories of growing up in a truly oppressive culture towards women. The left nowadays  has a completely false sense of reality, they fail to grasp on to any facts which arent skewed and twisted into their favor. The millennial generation has grown up in this fake reality of "participation" trophies and being hand held through every single process in life. This false since of reality has been copied and pasted into our political world, this idea that everyone is our friend and we should play nice with all people, is forcing the collective suicide of western culture and Ideology. Our forefathers not only here in America but across the modernized west, fought and died for centuries to bring humanity out of totalitarian rule. The past century has seen some of the greatest minds go to the Moon, cure disease once thought incurable, and create the World Wide Web. Why is the left throwing all of this away by making it impossible for anyone to have true and meaningful dialogue? Through the use of political correctness they shut down anything that they do not believe in. It is now more important than ever to keep your families strong and instill true western values into your children. Because, if over half of this generation is voting for Mini Carl Marx excuse me Bernie Sanders, who did not hold a "job" until the age of 41 I truly am scared to imagine where this once great country is headed. 

AFP Source- http://www.brecorder.com/world/europe/279802-eu-nations-with-far-right-in-power-could-be-suspended-hollande.html
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