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The Death of Mainline Political Parties

I will start by prefacing this subject may upset some readers who truly believe in their established "political party". The picture above says it all, the country argues over "key" issues but fails to address the multiple threats to our well-being and constitutional liberties. Everyone is caught up in a two side "battle", when in reality the two sides are one in the same and using this deception they have stolen trillions to directly benefit themselves. Another thing about the two parties is their main focus points surrounding the constitution. For the left this main issue right now is gun control which is completely unconstitutional, but for the mainstream left it is all they can think about. For the right, drug laws have always been a key issue in their policy making but just as gun control, the war on drugs is grossly unconstitutional. I am not supporting drug culture and I do not do drugs personally but the war on drugs over the last 30 years has completely molded our society into its current militarized police state. The war on drugs has led to an erosion of  our inalienable rights and has drastically changed the foundation of our courts through eliminating some 4th amendment rights and the due process of law. The war on drugs is not stopping drug users by any amount of data you look at, it is only importing a crime culture where the transportation and distribution of drugs is handled illegally therefore extra money is to be made. Alcohol prohibition saw the exact same thing pop up, where illegal black markets quickly turned into massive organized crime syndicates who dominated the liquor smuggling routes. People ask what is the cause and rise of these gangland cultures? Gangs are more often than not funded by drug money, if we were to eliminate the source of their income it would be a detrimental blow to their illegal networks. Instead increasing regulations have led the price of illicit drugs to skyrocket hence making even more profit for those crime groups. I urge everyone of my readers to consider their political stance and remember the constitution isn't there just to serve your specific purpose it is designed to protect all who abide by it.
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