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North Korea has Lost it

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has really out done himself this time. This pudgy little warlord has planned "terrorist" attacks on South Korea. According to iusbpreface.com, "The government said there was a possibility that the North will wage terrorist attacks using poisons or kidnapping South Koreans". This has to be the absolute worst time for escalation between these two nations, with China and the United States being at odds over Chinese expansion into the South Sea. This could lead to a situation where China fails to deescalate North Korea if it decides to invade the South. Leading to an immediate response from USPACOM (United Sates Pacific Command). This all happening right when "Operation Northern-Thunder" is about to kick off, the global implications of these two events could lead to irreversible global repercussions.

Source: http://iusbpreface.com/2016/02/21/spy-agency-n-korea-planning-terror-attack-on-south-118614/
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