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Militarization of our Police

In my opinion Sheriff offices are the most important form of law enforcement. The job of Sheriff is not only a law enforcement job it is also a political one. Sheriffs are our front-line defense against big-government and protecting our constitutional rights. Sheriffs can try and stop the federal government from federalizing our local police forces. In my opinion the police have become to militaristic. Last time I checked criminals from the ghettos all over America are not planting I.E.D.s and executing RPG ambushes on police. So why do police forces across America need MRAPS with bullet proof armor and plates to stop an I.E.D from blowing your feet off? This in my opinion is too much, this vehicle like many others is meant for a combat zone it is not meant for American streets. But going back to the Sheriff’s department being both political and a voice for local law enforcement it can agree with my opinion above or it can disagree with it and go ahead and take all these goodies the federal government is giving them.

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