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Stats and my opinion on Islamic immigration/migration

In depth view of the migrants leaving the Middle East:

v  The Most current Data on Asylum Seeker Numbers according to the ec.europa.eu ( eu stat website ) has only been updated as of Q3 2015 with the last month being September. (NOTE: Asylum seekers are those who have applied for asylum there is no real way to count all of the migrants who have come into Europe illegally and have not applied for asylum or have not reached their destination yet; This Data is also collected from those who have never applied for asylum before)
Ø  From Q3 2014 to Q3 2015 immigration area/ number of Asylum seekers/ % change from Q3 2014
§  Syria - 251,665 – 241% increase
§  Afghanistan – 110,655 – 467% increase
§  Iraq – 71,570 – 999% (lol) increase
§  Pakistan – 41,155 – 287% increase
§  Iran – 13,720 – 117% increase
Ø  Q3 2014 – Q3 2015 Top Countries of destination for Asylum Seekers/ # of them/ % increase
§  Germany – 317,670 – 117% increase
§  Hungary – 201,495 – 231% increase
§  Sweden – 87,595 – 59% increase
§  Italy – 79,820 – 59% increase ( yes 59% two times)
§  France – 62,610 – 28% increase  
Ø  http://appsso.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/nui/submitViewTableAction.do ( Breakdown by Sex, Age of asylum seekers in the EU)
§  Males
·         Less than the age of 14
¨       117,625 are listed but many countries have not reported 2015 stats
·         Ages 14-17
¨       88,130 again many are not listed
·         Ages 18-34
¨       451, 485 again many are not listed Including France ( Civil emergency active in France right now……aka martial law)
·         Ages 35 to 64
¨       123,695 Same as before
·         65 and older
¨       2735
·         Total for men SEEKING ASYLUM in the EU
¨       783,825
§  Females
·         Less than age 14
¨       95,620 (same deal as men) (not listed)
·         Ages 14-17
¨       19,115
·         Ages 18-34
¨       116,740
·         Ages 34-64
¨       57,655
·         Age 65 and older
¨       3,005
·         Total number of women seeking ASYLUM in the EU
¨       292,160 (skewed much LOL)
Conjecture / Reasoning (my opinions based on the stats above)
v  The main questions we have to ask are Who, What, Where, and Why?
Ø  Who?
§  Who or what actually caused this?
·         NATO’s involvement in the Middle east
¨       U.S., England, Canada (main players)
·         Syrian Civil War
·         Economic refugees
¨       Besides Syria and parts of Iraq and Afghanistan the vast majority of the Middle East is a peaceful region it just suffers from massive down falling economies to absolutely no hope for raising your income.
·         Something else wink wink globalism ( tehe)
Ø  What?
§  What really led up to this massive migration?
·         Since 2001 the middle east has been plagued by conflict 
¨       This has led to a destabilization across the entire middle east
Ø  U.S. Policy to take out a “dictator” and replace it with a puppet and shadow government that is favorable to U.S. foreign interests.
Ø  The Arab Spring was a movement that swept across the Middle East and parts of North Africa like a wildfire, it led to regime changes in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia.
¨       This caused the scenario for the Syrian Civil War
Ø  War = displaced civilians due to the destruction of infrastructure and the shortage of clean food and water
·         Economic incentives for Asylum seekers in Europe
¨       On the counter side of this argument the EU gives welfare to all approved asylum seekers
¨       This is normally what most of these people make in a year in their homelands but they are getting that every month instead from the EU government
¨       So they can either stay in war torn area with no money or literally get paid to become illegal immigrants who are fleeing a bad economic situation instead of working to improve their homelands economy.
Ø  Where?
§  Where these people chose to go and why those countries and where these people ACTUALLY come from?
·         Germany and Sweden are by far the two most desired countries for asylum again with its left government in power they literally hand out money to these people
¨       Germany is by far the most sought after destination
Ø  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has literally invited over a million migrants into Germany in order for them to apply for their “asylum seeking applications”
Ø  They hear about how easy the German government rolls over for them allowing to do really whatever they want include rape and molest children and beat homo-sexuals with rocks
·         France
¨       Since the Paris attacks France has tried to slow down just a little on its immigration but it is still 5th or 6th place in the EU for asylum seeking applications.
¨       Civil Emergency is still declared with highway robberies and muggings happening everyday where the victims are the citizens of France
·         Where do these people really come from
¨       Well a Syrian Fake passport that is completely decked out and can pass any border checkpoint inspection costs about $50 to obtain…. Almost a year ago ISIS began to pump out thousands of these fake passports because well… they captured the place where passports are made by the Syrian government this capture included the capture of millions of pages of the special paper Syria’s passports are constructed with.
¨       So with that being said we really have no idea where most of these “Syrian refugees” are coming from because they can say what-ever they want as long as they have that passport to back it up with.
Ø  Why?
§  Why are a VAST MAJORITY age 18-34 Males?
·         Instead of fighting ISIS and claiming their homes back these “males” decided it was better to flee to Europe where instead of getting shot at every-day the EU’s government will give you free health-care, welfare, child subsides, free education, and best of all you are treated like a god while the people of these countries has to conform around your lifestyle and cannot offend you or trigger a “jihad”. Since you know if we are offended in the west hey are first thought that comes to our mind is “let’s go drive a truck with ammonium-nitrate into a building filled with innocent people”. WHAT????!?! if these people cannot assimilate to our culture they do not have the right to be there. Not to mention that by giving these people all of this free stuff where to as they do not have to work, they just live and think and complain, it enables them to completely avoid assimilation because they do not have to work and interact with their host citizens. People think these migrants are hippy and trendy like themselves. They are stupid after years studying Iraq and Afghanistan (2nd and 3rd most contributing countries to asylum seeking applications) I can safely say that this idea that they really don’t care about their religion and they are just like us but you know poorer IS JUST COMPLETELY WRONG. Since an early age most of them have seen death and war and have the absolute upmost hatred for the west and western ideology and to top that they literally hate the United States. These people as a vast majority DO NOT share western values, such as but not limited to rape, pedophilia, honor killings ( women killed because they brought shame to the family for having premarital sex ), Throwing battery acid on teenage girls faces because they looked at a man twice, etc… you get the jist.

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