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I thought Islam was a Religion of Peace?

In Saudi Arabia a man was just recently sentenced to 2000 lashings and 10 years imprisonment for...... denying the existence of Allah on Twitter. This goes against every western law system that I can think of . Yet President Osama Obama loves the Saudis and sells billions worth of weapons to them ever year! For all of those who have seen the show Homeland , Obama is the equivalent of Sergeant Brody, he is an Islamic Extremist who has hijacked the White-House. There is no other explanation for selling weapons to radical wahhabists who have manufactured the creation of ISIS to build an oil pipeline. In the next few months we will see civil unrest the like of which has not been seen since World War Two. Europe is on the verge of collapse and is close to revolting in many areas. For my readers living in those areas, arm yourselves break the law only if you have too, but get a firearm and protect your property and your family. The government cannot defend you, they have stripped away your right to protect yourself, its time to take that right back. For my American reader's all I have to say is keep stockpiling ammo the time is drawing near ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. 
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