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Come and Take Them

John Carlin is the head of the Department of Justices National Security Division. Last October while giving a lecture on terrorism at George Washington University,  he mentioned some startling news,"Homegrown violent extremists can be motivated by any viewpoint on the full spectrum of hate—anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs,” This man is in charge of our "national security" and he is concerned with anti-government terrorism? Why not the two jihadists which KILLED 14 people only two months later?  The agenda of this administration has never been more clear, disarm the population, regulate our freedom of press/speech, weaken America's military and borders, and delude the public with so much false information that everyone stops caring and only cares for themselves. I have had enough, I love America but I hate its government, we need a change in Washington. This election is the most important in our nations history, the future of our children and our grandchildren hang in the balance. The children of today will not grow up in the America we once knew and loved, the state will do everything in "its" power to educate and program today's youth into become even more mindless and dependent. Yes I have anti-government views BUT I do not advocate violence. Please if you are a reader of my website do not do anything stupid which results in violence. This administration has been known to set off false flag attacks, the next one they might just blame it on people like myself and millions of others across this great nation. Self-Defense is a necessity in life but always remember the British fired upon us first at the Boston Massacre. Than once they had killed us, taxed us, and tried to take our guns we met them at Concord Bridge and we blew their brains out. Protect the Constitution, your family, and your property and I promise you will have the backing of millions of like minded individuals. Things are really starting to heat up across the entire globe, the second amendment is becoming more and more crucial to our ensured freedom and the protection of our loved ones. All I can say is ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ  
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