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Can we Even Make it to the Election?

On this website we believe in a separation between church and state, but there are serious acts in motion which leads one to ponder the words of The Bible. Videos are surfacing across the web of massive military buildups and troop movements across mainland United States(link below). Loretta Lynch is calling for a change in domestic terror laws to include anti-government "supporters", this includes people like myself who are anti-government but who would absolutely under no circumstances commit a violent act. The government has been buying millions of .223 hollow point rounds, if you know anything about shooting you know hollow point ammo is NOT used for target practice. Things are getting absolutely crazy, we might not make it to this upcoming election. Supreme Commander Obombanator seems to be preparing for his third term in office, Martial Law seems to be coming closer every day. If people actually dig into the information that the internet has verified and provided, the knowledge obtained can be quite honestly be extremely frightening. Millions across the nation are beginning to awaken from an "entertainment" induced coma, to realize not everything is as it appears to be. We are living in a false sense of security, our country has never been at greater risk from both within and abroad.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIvuEsxhgNM
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